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Intelligent Construction(BEng)

The revolution of science and technology has forced reform and upgrade in various industries. Setting smart manufacturing as the core, all major industrialized countries in the world have formulated the strategy for manufacturing reform. The construction industry in China also needs to develop intelligent construction urgently for industrialization and informatization from the traditional fragmented and labor-intensive mode. Presently, a huge number of engineers that majors in civil engineering and artificial intelligent with innovation and motivation are needed to accelerate the development of the construction industry in China.
To contribute to the construction of the nation (especially, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region) and fit to the social development, this major aims to provide the students with solid basic theories, broad professional knowledge, outstanding practical ability, profound scientific and human literacy. Mastering the relevant principles and methods of smart construction, you are capable of intelligent planning and design, intelligent equipment and construction, intelligent facilities and disaster prevention, intelligent operation and maintenance, and management. The combination of continuous learning and innovation capabilities, international vision, and leadership are the basic quality that you can obtain during the study.

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Career paths

After graduation, you can undertake the design, construction, operation, maintenance of research work in intelligent construction centers or innovation centers in large national-owned enterprises. After five years with the experience and self-learning, you could be capable of being in charge of intelligent construction professional project independently.