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Traffic Engineering(BEng)

Facing with a great demand for developing modern transportation, the main task of the transportation engineering featuring “engineering + management” aims to cultivate future inter-disciplinary creative graduates who are: excelling in all aspects including ethics, intellect, physique, aesthetic and labor; possessing a wealth of cultural and scientific knowledge as well as social responsibility awareness; skilled at engineering application and innovative practice; systematically mastering transportation engineering theories, expertise, engineering technique, and innovative methods. The students who study at transportation engineering are expected to have full knowledge of mathematics, natural science, foreign language, computer science as well as being good at cooperating and communicating with other people. Moreover, the students are familiar with the frontier knowledge and developing trend of the transportation engineering discipline so that they are qualified for the professional jobs related to project planning, design, construction, developing, operation, and management of transportation field. When the students graduate around five years , they should have the ability to be responsible for the technical or management work of professional projects.

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Career Paths

Aside from pursuing a master's degree in our or other schools or go abroad, graduates have more career choices than traditional transportation engineering majors. They may choose to work in applicable government agencies such as research institutes of Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Public Security, or public administrative institutions such as Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation and Commission of Planning, or large companies and public institutions working on the road transportation and traffic information, for example, agencies engaged in urban planning and design, highway (road) planning and design, maintenance operations and engineering consulting, intelligent transportation system integration, public transportation operations, rail transit, and scientific research institutions such as universities and research institutes.