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Bachelor of Urban and Rural Planning

Landscape Architecture

The aim of Landscape architecture education in Beijing University of Technology is to provide students with a strong foundation of Landscape architecture theories, professional knowledge and skills of Landscape architecture design, innovative thinking, wide vision, social responsibility, collaborative values, sustainable development and cultural heritage concepts in the four years professional education. We aim to cultivate future professionals who can provide Landscape architecture design, education, research, development and management services for Landscape architectural planning and design institutes, education and R&D institutes, or management departments. Students are supposed to be the leading power or core members of the field after 5 years of graduation. They should be able to independently undertake the preliminary research, planning, program design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, engineering and technical services for crucial multi-scale Landscape architecture projects, as well as other applicable design theoretical research and construction management work.

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Career paths

Students who graduated from Landscape Architecture, can work in planning and design research institutes, landscape architecture design companies, architectural design institutes, urban and rural planning and development management departments, planning and design consulting companies, and real estate development companies in Beijing or other cities. The graduates can serve for government landscaping management departments, Ecological and Environment department or Natural Resources management departments. They can also continue their master study of Landscape Architecture in foreign countries.