Job Description

Teachinig: 1-2 undergraduate courses or postgraduate courses.

Research: Undertake various international cooperation projects, publish 2-3 high-quality papers, and carry out research with the team.

Others: public service, administrative work and etc.


1. Degree: Ph.D holder

2. Specialty: Civil engineering or Transportation engineering

3. Working experience: 5 years of work/research experience is preferred.

Those with more than 3 years of domestic study or work experience are preferred.

Those who have published high-quality papers and participated in national-level projects are preferred.

English teaching experience in relevant majors for undergraduates and postgraduates is preferred; top international and influential scientific research results are preferred.

Post-doctoral experience is preferred.


To apply for this job, please submit the following materials via email to

−Your CV/Resume. Please state your full name, country of residence, e-mail, mailing address, time available to start the work, and personal experiences and etc.

−A copy of your passport