There are currently 10 full-time experimental personnel working in the Experiment Center For Engineering Structure.

The experimental center mainly relies on the construction of disciplines, adheres to the development of characteristics, and is built around the needs of public infrastructure construction such as subways, airports, stadiums, and large-scale bridge projects.It has several sets of large-scale equipment, such as the self-developed 10,000-Ton Multi-Function Electro-Hydraulic Servo Loading System, 10 Sub-tables Shaking Table Array System, 3m×3m Seismic Simulation Shaking Table, 3,000kN damper test system, the MTS large-scale pseudo-dynamic test system, comprehensive simulation test platform of large-scale underground engineering and mechanical rock-breaking platform, etc. Among those equipment, the 10 Sub-tables Shaking Table Array System is the only one of its kind in the world, the 10,000-Ton Multi-Function Electro-Hydraulic Servo Loading System is the largest tonnage pseudo-dynamic loading testing machine in Asia, the comprehensive simulation test platform of large-scale underground engineering is the newest-constructed underground test platform with the biggest size and the most complete functions at home and abroad, many equipment development and testing technology are internationally advanced or unique.

The Experiment Center provides good conditions for scientific research conducted by civil engineering teachers, and has successively organized many undergraduate experiment courses, such as Static Load Test of Space Truss, a variety of Reinforced Concrete Trabecular Test, Structural Nondestructive Testing and Measurement, etc. Open experiments in basic teaching for undergraduates like "dynamic properties of structure and shaking table experiment of dynamic response" and "test system of double-set linkage shaking table with steel-frame structure" have become the spotlights of teaching experiment for undergraduates at Beijing University of Technology and the innovative domestic teaching experiment. A national civil engineering experimental teaching center and a civil engineering national virtual simulation experimental teaching center have been built based on those above things.

The Experiment Center has undertaken and completed test tasks centered on a batch of national major and key projects. And, more specifically, relevant results were successfully applied in major engineering construction projects, including the venues for the 2008 Olympic and 2022 Winter Olympics, Jingxiong Expressway, Metro in multiple cities,CITIC Tower,etc. The Experiment Center has two scientific research platforms: Key Laboratory of Urban Security and Disaster Engineering of Ministry Education and Key Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Retrofit Beijing.