University-business cooperation and cooperation between universities and local governments

FACTE has been committed to deepening cooperation among BJUT, businesses and local governments, and developing internship programs. Eight practice-based education bases under the "Three-whole Education" system have been established to guide students to address the major needs of the country and the capital, and actively integrate into and lead regional economic and social development. In partnership with China State Construction Engineering Corporation, FACTE has created a supply-demand matching employment education program, an initiative developed by the Ministry of Education, in a bid to promote full and quality employment for its graduates through internship and practice-based programs.

FACTE’s practice-based education bases under the "Three-whole Education" system


Chongqing Research Institute


StateNuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Research Institute


Shenze ConfuciusTemple


ChinaConstruction Second Bureau Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.


ProjectDepartment of the BeijingSub-Center Project of China Railway 16thBureau


Beijing Flounder Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Sunac China Holdings Limited


Work Committee of Dazhalan Street

Technology activities

FACTE helps its students to carry out extracurricular academic, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities through funding from China Star Light Charity Fund Association, National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund for Civil Engineering.

FACTE has established a 2+3+n Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition System, in which 2 stands for two main competitions, namely the “Challenge Cup” (National College Student Business Plan Competition) and the China International College Students' “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, which take the lead to provide strong support to student teams engaging in innovation and entrepreneurial activities, 3 stands for three serial competitions including the Dingxin Cup, which helps improve the practice system to facilitate students’ participation in extracurricular academic, innovation and entrepreneurial activities, and “n” stands for a number of FACTE major-featured competitions that include the Water Engineering Innovative Design Competition and the Structural Design Competition, which serve to develop students’ engineering literacy and enhance their professional identity and sense of purpose.

| Winning "Grand Slam" in the Challenge Cup

In 2020, “Food into reality: a one-stop solution based on intelligent agricultural facilities”, a FACTE project, won the Gold Award of the 12th “Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competition, which is the first time for Beijing universities to win the gold award of the Challenge Cup, making BJUT the fourth university to win a grand slam in the Business Plan Competition, Entrepreneurship Competition and Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Competition just after Tsinghua University, Beihang University, and Beijing Institute of Technology.

In 2021, FACTE won two state-level first prizes in the 17th "Challenge Cup" National Competition on Extracurricular Academic and Technology Works of College Students, an accomplishment BJUT has achieved for the first time.

| A breakthrough in the “Internet+” competition

In 2020, FACTE’s entry "Lighting guard: the leader of smart tunnel lighting system" won the gold award in the finals of the 6th China International College Students' “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the first time that BJUT and any Beijing university has ever won the highest award in this competition.

Between 2018 and 2021, FACTE won a number of awards that included a gold award of the national finals of the China International College Students' “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, 104 international and national awards, including the gold award in the national finals of the 12th “Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competition, 4 grand prizes, 17 first prizes, 27 second prizes and 57 third prizes, 132 provincial and ministerial awards, including the first prize of Beijing Building Structure Design Competition for College Students, 37 first prizes, 32 second prizes and 72 third prizes.

The scholarship and grants system

| Alumni and corporate giving

The TOTO Water Environment Fund Scholarship Program for College Students under China Environmental Protection Foundation, Ren Futian Scholarship, established and donated by Professor Ren Futian, Gaozhi Technology Fund of Jianhua Architectural Design Joint Venture Co. Ltd., Hantong Technology Fund of Beijing Hantong Architectural Planning and Design Consulting Co., Ltd., and Li Nong Scholarship and Grants, established and donated by Mr. Li Nong, are sources of student scholarship, which will be distributed to eligible students.