·Language of Instruction: English

·School Starts: Every February and September

·Application Fee: 500 Yuan (remittance only, please refer to the end of this article for details)

·Tuition Fee: 15,000 yuan/semester

·Program Duration:one semester (four months)

·Program Introduction

This program offers opportunities to all international students with science or engineering background, or any background related, to do scientific researches, take part in scientific project learning by way of practice and experience Chinese culture. The program includes research or practical projects with emphasis on training students’abilities of engineering practice, innovation and intercultural exchanges and cooperation.

The program consists of four modules:engineering or research projects; lectures of engineering and culture; Chinese language learning and Chinese culture experience. It is a one-semester English-taught program with 30 European credits. Upon successfully completing the program, students are issued a program completion certificate from Beijing University of Technology.

1.Courses and Credits

Module 1: Chinese language (256 hours, 16 credits)

This module is designed to help students live in China, get a practical experience of the language, and experience the country. Also, it helps students lay a Chinese language foundation for students who expect a further development in China in the future. The module provides spoken language training including everyday life expressions, introduction of Chinese characters, and basic Chinese grammar.Students will learn about 350 characters and all the sounds, tones and intonation of the language, and will be able to have daily communications using the words and sentences they have learned.

Assessment: Examination takes place at end of the semester.

Module 2: Engineering and cultural lectures (48 hours, 3 credits)

This module offers a series of English lectures or seminars, including Introduction of Chinese Engineering, Engineering Knowledge and Ability, China’s Economy, Chinese Culture, etc.

Assessment: A report or thesis on a subject introduced in the lectures of seminars is required to be submitted by end of the semester. The report or thesis will be evaluated by the lecturers.

Module 3: Engineering or research projects (256 hours, 16 credits)

In this module,students are supposedto conduct projects supervised by professors or assistant professors in the fields related. The project can be a new one; a continued one brought by the student from his/her home country, or Chinese students’ ongoing project.

The module involves team work with Chinese students.

Assessment: A complete project will be assessed by the supervisor at end of the semester.

Module 4: Chinese culture experience (3 credits)

This module provides a practical experience outside the classroom. Students will visit places of interest and museums in Beijing city, enjoy some cultural performances and experience traditional culture.

There is no assessment for this module.

2.Transcripts and credit transfer

BJUT will issue a transcript and a certificate to the EPIS student upon successful completion.

Recognition of credit transfer will be under the authority of the students’ home institutions on the basis of mutual agreement between BJUT and the students’ home institutions. (for exchange students ONLY)

·Entry Requirements

1.Applicant must be a non-Chinese resident, holding a valid foreign passport or international identity certificate.

2.Applicant should be in good mental and physical condition.

3.Applicant should be over 18 and under 35 years old.

4.Applicant should have sufficient financial capability for studying and living in China.

5.Applicant should be be senior undergraduate students or postgraduate students with science and engineering or relevant background.

6.Language requirements (Applicants who do not from English-speaking countries shouldmeet one of the following requirements):

(1)IBT 85.

(2)IELTS 6.5.

(3)TOEIC 750.

(4)The instruction language is English in senior high school or above study period.


1.Online application:http://bjut.17gz.org

2.Application period:

(1) Spring semester:15th September—15th December

(2) Autumn semester: 1st March—15th June

3.Application documents:

(1) Application form (completed online)

(2) A copy of passport personal information page

(3)A recommendation letter from home university (for exchange students)


(5)Research plan

(6)Certificate of English Language Level

(7)A copy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (if available)

(8) Non-criminal Record Certificate

·Bank Information

Accounts Name: Beijing University of Technology

Bank of Open Account: Beijing Guang Qu Road Subbranch Bank Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Accounts: 02 0000 3709 0890 28526


Note: please fill application No. and passport No. in remittance information


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