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The “Urban Regeneration” Technological Innovation and Cooperation Forum, jointly organized by FACTE, Beijing Construction Engineering Group and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, was successfully held on December 22, 2022. Du Xiuli, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice President of BJUT, Chang Yongchun, General Manager of Beijing Construction Engineering Group, Liu Ke, General Manager of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, and Xu Chengshun, Dean of FACTE, delivered speeches. The Forum was moderated by Lu Dechun, Vice Dean of FACTE. Twelve scholars gave keynote presentations on urban regeneration. Over four hundred people participated in the Forum virtually.

Academician Du Xiuli noted in his speech that megacities such as Beijing faced the challenge of promoting sustainable urban regeneration, which held the key to successful regeneration outcomes. Beijing Construction Engineering Group and BJUT leveraged the integrated industry-university-research platform for shared benefits, adhered to the strategic positioning of scientific research, commercialization, services, exchanges and talent development, and produced a host of research outputs. Both sides were expected to enhance cooperation in undertaking national strategic programs and addressing technological challenges in urban regeneration initiatives. They were also encouraged to build model urban regeneration projects, train high-skilled technical talents, and promote technological and industrial progress to better serve Beijings urban regeneration strategy.  

General Manager Chang Yongchun noted in the speech that Beijing Construction Engineering Group invested heavily in urban regeneration projects, boasted a number of cutting-edge technologies in intelligent construction, green construction and urban regeneration, and provided a premium platform for the commercialization of innovations. The Group hoped to expand the scope of cooperation with BJUT, embrace a new development paradigm together, jointly explore more areas of urban regeneration, and contribute to building a people-oriented city. In this way, the Group can better implement the national strategy of urban regeneration and help build Beijing into Four Centers, i.e. political center, cultural center, international exchange center, and technological innovation center.

Twelve experts focused on the topic of urban regeneration and gave presentations in the fields of urban planning, earthquake resilience buildings, health monitoring, concrete construction and municipal roads. At the Forum, participants analyzed unique and model projects, shared innovative research outcomes, and summarized best practices in construction. With the goal of advancing communication, enhancing partnership and sharing results, participants also discussed emerging technology trends, promoted commercialization, and provided better decision-making consulting services. Moreover, they aimed to explore an innovative model for industry-university-research collaboration, engage in in-depth academic exchanges, and build a regular mechanism for scientific research cooperation.

As the city enters a new era in its development, Beijing should apply the new development philosophy in promoting urban regeneration. As the saying goes, Wed better advance with like-minded people. FACTE, Beijing Construction Engineering Group and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design created greater synergies by contributing their combined wisdom and expertise to Beijings urban regeneration.

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