Zhang Jie

Title: Professor Ph.D. Supervisor

Professor Jie Zhang received B.S. degree from Harbin Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering (now Harbin Institute of Technology) in 1962, and Ph.D. degree in Osaka University of Japan in 1985. He was awarded special allowance of State Council in 1992, and named design master of Jilin Province in 1995. He was granted advanced individuals by the Ministry of construction and the State for “National Key Technology R&D Program of China during the 8th Five-Year Plan Period” in 1996, and elected as Chinese Academician of Engineering in 1997. He once served as chief engineer and vice president in China Northeast Design & Research Institute of Municipal Engineering. He has undertaken 9 projects of National Key Technology R&D Program, 6 subprojects of National Water Pollution Control and Management Technology Major Project, and a number of projects of National Natural Science Foundation. He has trained more than 60 doctoral and master's students, and published more than 300 papers and 9 books. He has received many national, provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, including a second prize and a third prize of National Science and Technology Progress, a first prize of Science and Technology Progress in Jilin Province, a first prize of Science and Technology Progress in Heilongjiang Province, a first prize of Science and Technology progress of the Ministry of Construction, and a second prize of Science and Technology Progress of China Construction. Main academic contribution and engineering achievements in water quality science and water environment recovery engineering: (1) He took the lead in putting forward the theory of water environment recovery. Under the guidance of this theory, the research on water environment recovery and water resources strategy for Shenzhen, Dalian, Beijing and other cities had been done, which has injected new ideas into water environment recovery of our country. (2) He proposed biological manganese fixation and removal mechanisms for the first time at home and abroad, and the biological manganese removal technology was developed and applied to engineering practice, which solved the problem of groundwater manganese removal for more than half a century. According to this process, nearly ten large, medium and small biological iron and manganese removal water plants have been established and operated stably and efficiently for many years, making China's research in this field leap to the international advanced level. (3) He is the first to propose the whole process for reclamation of urban sewage in China, and created the nation's first reclaimed wastewater treatment plant, which was rated as the excellent demonstration project in the national "8th Five-Year Plan". He pioneered the cause of urban sewage reuse in China. (4) He developed the anaerobic-aerobic activated sludge technology for phosphorus removal and realized the simultaneous removal of phosphorus, COD and BOD without sludge expansion, the process had been used in Wastewater Treatment Plant in Dalian development zone. (5) He presided over and completed more than 100 major water supply and drainage engineering designs in Changchun, Qiqihar, Harbin and other cities, and promoted the development of water supply and drainage engineering technology in cold areas in China.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology,Healthy Cycle of urban water system.