• Jin Liu
    Title: Professor
    E-mail: kinglew2007@163.com; jinliu@bjut.edu.cn
Current Professional Societies

Chairman of the Youth Committee of Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction in Infrastructure of Seismological Society of China;

Member of the Editorial Board of China Offshore Platform;

Member of the Committee of Sustainable Civil Engineering Research in Chinese Society for Urban Studies;

Director of Engineering Safety and Protection of Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering

Lead Guest Editor of Advance in Civil Engineering.

Research Areas

1. Mechanical Performances of Concrete Structures under Multiple Hazards;

2. Size Effect in Concrete Materials and Components.


Outstanding Youth Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation of China 2018;

Top 1% Highly Cited Papers of ESI, 2019;

Second Class Award of Excellent Thesis of China Civil Engineering Society, 2018;

“F-5000” Leader-Excellent Paper Award of China Science and Technology Papers (2#), 2015;

Liu Huixian Earthquake Engineering Scholarship of International Association for Earthquake Engineering, 2012;

Most Cited Articles published Since 2014 inFinite Elements in Analysis and Design, 2019;

Most Cited Articles Published Since 2014 inInternational Journal of Impact Engineering, 2019;

Annual Excellent Paper Award ofJournal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2014.


Jin Liu, Yu Wenxuan, Du Xiuli, Zhang Shuai, Li Dong. Meso-scale Modelling of The Size Effect On Dynamic Compressive Failure of Concrete Under Different Strain Rates, International Journal of Impact Engineering 125 (2019) 1-12. (ESI-highly cited Paper)

Jin Liu, Li Ping, Fan Linlin, Du Xiuli. Size Effect on Nominal Strength of Circular Stirrup-confined RC Columns under Axial Compression: A Meso-scale Study. ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering 146 (3) (2020) 04019213.

Jin Liu, Xia Hai, Du Xiuli. Size Effect on Shear Failure Of CFRP-strengthened Concrete Beams without Web Reinforcement By: Meso-scale Simulation and Formulation. Composite Structures 236 (2020) 111895.

Jin Liu, Li Xiurong, Fan Lingling, Du Xiuli. Size Effect on Compressive Strength Of GFRP-confined Concrete Columns: Numerical Simulation. ASCE Journal of Composites for Construction, 2020, In Press.

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Jin Liu, Du Min, Li Dong, Du Xiuli, Xu Haibin. Effects of Cross Section Size and Transverse Rebar on The Behavior Of Short Squared RC Columns Under Axial Compression. Engineering Structures, 2017, 142: 223-239.

Personal statement

Jin Liu, professor and doctoral supervisor, backbone member of Innovative Research Groups of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He obtained the Outstanding Youth Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2018. His major focuses on Concrete Materials and Components Subjected to Multi-hazards. He has being presided 6 items of National key research and development program of China and National Natural Science Foundation of China. As the first author or the corresponding author, he has published more than 150 papers on international and domestic major journals, including 56 SCI papers (35 JCR-I papers and 12 JCR-II papers) and 81 EI papers. The paper citation has exceeded 2200 times. He has more than 12 items of software copyrights and invention patents. In addition, he is writing two books which will be published in 2020 and 2021 respectively.