• Lu Zhaohui
    Title: Professor
    E-mail: luzhaohui@bjut.edu.cn
Current Professional Societies

1. Chair, The 7th International Symposium on Reliability Engineering and Risk Management;

2. Member, Committee of Basis for Design of Structures, China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization;

3. Member, Committee of Structural Reliability, Bridge and Structural Engineering Branch of China Society of Civil Engineering.

Research Areas

1. Structural reliability assessment using methods of moment;

2. Steel corrosion and its effects on mechanical property and structural behavior;

3. Risk-cost optimised maintenance strategy for high-speed railway engineering structures.


1. Best paper awards for the 5th International Symposium on Reliability Engineering and Risk Management, Korea, 2016;

2. The National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, 2014;

3. The recipient of the 1st class Railway Science and Technology Award of China Railway Society, 2014;

4. JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships, Japan, 2007.


Zhao-Hui Lu, Yu Leng, You Dong, Chao-Huang Cai,*Yan-Gang Zhao. (2019). “Fast integration algorithms for time-dependent structural reliability analysis considering correlated variables and processes”.Structural Safety, 78, 23-32.

Chao-Huang Cai,*Zhao-Hui Lu, Jun Xu, Yan-Gang Zhao. (2019). “Efficient algorithm for evaluation of statistical moments of performance functions”.Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE, 145(1): 06018007.

Zhao-Hui Lu, Chao-Huang Cai,*Yan-Gang Zhao. (2017). “Structural reliability analysis including correlated random variables based on third-moment transformation”,Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, 143(8): 04017067.

Zhao-Hui Lu, Yan-Gang Zhao, Zhi-Wu Yu, *Fa-Xing Ding. (2011). “Probabilistic evaluation of initiation time in RC bridge beams with load-induced cracks exposed to de-icing salts”.Cement and Concrete Research, 41(3): 365-372.

*Yan-Gang Zhao,Zhao-Hui Lu.(2007).“Fourth-moment standardization for structural reliability assessment”.Journal of Structural Engineering,ASCE, 133(7), 916-924.

Personal statement

Dr. Zhao-Hui Lu is currently a professor of College of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Beijing University of Technology. His expertise includes structural reliability assessment based on method of moments and risk-cost optimised maintenance strategy for concrete structures with emphasis on high-speed railway engineering structures using time-dependent reliability method. He has chaired and participated in more than 10 research projects including the National Natural Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars of China and the Major International Joint Research Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China. Prof. Lu is the first or co-author of more than 70 journal publications including ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering and ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics. He was awarded the First prize of Railway Science and Technology of China Railway Association in 2014 due to his innovative and significant contribution in the field.