• Li Xiongyan
    Title: Professor
    E-mail: xylee@bjut.edu.cn;xiongy2006@126.com

Ph.D.Civil Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China, 2004-2008.

Research Interests

Shell and spatial structures;

Membrane Structures;

Earthquake Response and Seismic isolation for Buildings;

Soil-structure Interaction Effects on Spatial Structure

Professional Experience

Professor,College of Architecture and Civil Engineering,Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China. (2019- present);

Associate Professor,College of Architecture and Civil Engineering,Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China. (2013- 2019);

Assistant Professor,College of Architecture and Civil Engineering,Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China. (2008-2013);

Structural engineer, Jin Ding Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. (1998-2002)

Selected Publications

Geng Yan, Li Xiongyan, Xue Suduo, Li Jinguang, Song Yanjie. Experimental and Theoretical Internal Forced Convection Investigation on Air Pipe Cooling of Large-dimension RC Walls.Construction and Building Materials. 2018 ,194(2019):161-170

Li Xiongyan, Geng Yan, Xue Suduo,Li Jinguang, Song Yanjie, Kang Guangbo. Automatic Air-cooling System for Early-age Crack Control in Concrete.Proceedings of The Institution Of Civil Engineers-Civil Engineering. 2018,172(CE5): 58-64.

Yan Geng, Xiongyan Li, Suduo Xue. Early-age Thermal Analysis And Strain MonitoringOfMassive Concrete Structures.Computers and Concete.2018, 21(3): 279-290.

Li Xiongyan, Xue Suduo. Three-dimensional Seismic Isolation Bearing And Its Application In Long Span Hangars.Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration.2013, 12(1): 55~65.

Siyao Li,Xiongyan Li, Suduo Xue, Jihong Ye. Strength Performance of Threaded-sleeve Connector Under Axial Force.Advances in Structural Engineering. 2016,Vol.19(7)1177-1189.

Li Xiongyan, Xue Suduo and Pan Kejun. Mechanical Property of Uplift-restraint Friction Pendulum Bearing Support with Cu-stainlessinterfaces.Journal of Vibration and Shock.2013,32(6):84-89.(in Chinese)

Li Xiongyan, Xue Suduo. Model And Design Method Of A Sliding Bearing Combined With Springs For Horizontal Seismic Isolation.Journal of Beijing University Of Technology.2011,37(11):1050-1054.(in Chinese)

Li Xiongyan, Xie Peng and Xue Suduo.Preliminary DiscussionofA New Mild Steel-rolling Vibration Isolation Bearing In Space Frame Structure.China Civil Engineering Journal. 2012,45(s2):27-31. (in Chinese)

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Li Xiongyan, Xue Suduo. Review and New Development of Seismic Isolation Technology for Spatial Structures.Spatial Structure. 2010(4):87-95.

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Li Xiongyan, Xie Peng and Xue Suduo. Thermal Stress Reducing and Seismic for Lattice Structure by Rolling Device.ProceedingsofThe International AssociationForShell and Spatial Structures (IASS) Symposium 2013,Poland.

Sponsored Research

Key Technology to Design of Long-span Space Frame Structure Incorporated with Cable and Membrane for the Sheds of Coal and Materials Yard. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC), NO 51878014.

Study on Mechanical Performance and Key Assembly Technology of Deconstructed Single-layer Cylindrical Reticulated Shell. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC), NO 51578012.

Seismic Response Analysis Method for the Bearing Isolated Space Frame Structure Considering Spatial Variation of Ground Motion. Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NNSFC), NO 51278008.

Analytical Method on Seismic Performance of Grid Roof Structures Considering Interaction between the Roof Supporting Structure and the Subsurface Soil. Funded by Beijing Natural Science Foundation of China, NO 8112005.

Seismic Isolation for Long Span Spatial Structure with Rolling Technology. Funded by Beijing Municipal of Education.

Social Works

Deputy Secretary General for China Association of Spatial Structures, China Steel Construction Society, 2015-present.

Member of The International Association for Space and Shell Structures (IASS), 2009-present.