• Zhou Yongxiang
    Title: Researcher
    E-mail: zhouyx@bjut.edu.cn
Current Professional Societies

1. Chinese Institute of Architecture Director (2021.12-present)

2. Building Materials Branch of the Chinese Institute of Construction Vice President and      Secretary General (2020.10-present)

3. Founder and Secretary General, Geotechnical Stabilization and Curing Branch, China    Concrete and Cement Products Association (2020.12-present)

4. Vice President, Geotechnical Foundation Engineering Branch, Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering (2020.10-present)

5. National Concrete Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC458) Member, Deputy Secretary General (2015.6-present)

6. National Technical Committee for Cement Standardization (SAC/TC184) Member (2016.8-present)

Research Areas

Concrete technology, Geotechnical solidification and solid waste utilization


1. "Standard Science and Technology Innovation - Outstanding Young Talent Award", China Engineering Construction Standardization Society (CECS) (2021).

2. "Development and Engineering Application Technology of Series New Mineral Admixture for Concrete", First Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Concrete and Cement Products Association (CECS) (2021), ranked No. 1.

3. "Key technologies for the development and utilization of regional natural materials in concrete projects at home and abroad", Second Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Building Materials Federation - China Silicate Society (2020), ranked No. 1.

4. National Standard "Standard for Physical and Mechanical Properties of Concrete Test Methods" GB/T50081-2019, Second Prize of Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Award (2021), ranked No. 3.


1. "Natural Volcanic Ash Materials and Volcanic Ash High Performance Concrete" (co-author, ranked 2nd), China Railway Publishing House, 2019.

2. "High Performance Concrete Application Technology Guide" (co-author, ranked 4th), China Construction Industry Press, 2015.

3. "Concrete durability and its inspection and evaluation methods" (co-author, ranked No. 2), China Building Materials Industry Press, 2012.

4. "Aggregates for High Performance Concrete" JGT/T 486-2015 (ranked 1st).

5. "Composite Admixture for Concrete" JGT/T 486-2015 (ranked 1).

6. Technical Specification for the Application of Low-Heat Silicate Cement CECS 431:2016 (ranked No.1).

7. Zhou Y . Reusing electrolytic manganese residue as an activator: The effect of calcination on its mineralogy and activity[J]. Construction and Building Materials, 2021,294(Aug.2): 123533.1-123533.8.mmm

8. Zhou Y , Zhang Z . Effect of fineness on the pozzolanic reaction kinetics of slag in composite binders: Experiment and modelling[J]. Construction and Building Materials, 2021, 273(Mar.1):121695.1-121695.17

9. Zhou Y , Guan Q ,  Yan P . Investigation of Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Stabilized Saline Soil[J]. Advances in Civil Engineering, 2021, 2021(Pt.10):1-13.

Personal Statement

I have participated in more than 30 national, industry, local and group standards as the editor-in-chief or core member, published more than 150 papers, 3 monographs (co-author) and 16 authorized invention patents. I have presided over 8 longitudinal research projects of the National Defense Bureau of Science and Technology, providing basic parameters for the safety analysis of the whole process of nuclear waste permanent disposal site in China. I have responsible for more than 20 domestic and foreign major engineering and technology consulting projects, serving many "One Belt and One Road" projects and making corresponding contributions to the "going abroad" of China's engineering technology and technical standards.