• Zhang Nan
    Title: Associate Professor
    E-mail: zhangn@bjut.edu.cn
Current Professional Societies

1. Member of Youth Committee of Indoor Environment and Health Branch.

2. Young Editor of Building Simulation.

3. Reviewer of more than 30 journals: Clinical Infectious Diseases, Building and Environment, Energy and Buildings, etc.

Research Areas

1. Indoor human health.

2. Human behavior-based infection spread in indoor environments.

3. Human behavior detection based on machine learning.

4. Building energy efficiency under pandemic.

5. Infectious disease transmission modelling.


1. National Young Talent, 2021.

2. Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service of Hong Kong, 2021.

3. Young Experts of Beijing Overseas High-level Projects, 2020.

Publications (2021-2022)

1. Zhang N, Jia W, Lei H, et al. Effects of human behaviour changes during the COVID-19 pandemic on influenza spread in Hong Kong. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2021, 73: e1142-e1150.

2. Zhang N, Chen X, Jia W, et al. Evidence for lack of transmission by close contact and surface touch in a restaurant outbreak of COVID-19. Journal of Infection, 2021, 83: 207-216.

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Personal statement

Nan Zhang, associate professor and doctoral supervisor. He has now presided a National Natural Science Foundation of China project, a project from Boeing Company, and a project from KAO Company of Japan. He works on indoor human health, human behavior-based infectious disease transmission, human behavior detection based on machine learning, and energy conservation under the COVID-19 pandemic. He has published more than 50 SCI journals, with more than 1200 citations. His research on COVID-19 was propagated by Times Higher Education, Best Paper Award of Building and Environment in 2020, the Press Released Paper of Risk Analysis in 2017. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he received the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service of Hong Kong.