The Transportation Engineering Laboratory Center (TELC)is responsible for the daily operation and management of numerous platforms for national government agencies and organizations, such as Center of Cooperative Innovation for Beijing Metropolitan Transportation; Collaborative Innovation Platform for Comprehensive Transportation Coordinated Operation and Super Computing Application Technology, Ministry of Transport, PRC and Key Laboratory of Advanced Public Transportation Science, Ministry of Transport, PRC, etc.

TELC’sdiverse capabilities span a broad range oftransportationengineering disciplines, enabling the Laboratory to support teaching and scientific research platform construction and management services for the Road and Rail Institute, Transportation Institute, and Transportation Information Control Institute under the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Transportation Engineering of Beijing University of Technology. the Traffic Engineering Experimental Center includes Three-Dimensional Perception and Simulation Decision Laboratory, Road Material and Performance Laboratory, Simulated Driving Laboratory, Intelligent Network and Automatic Driving Laboratory, Traffic Safety and Behavior Laboratory

At present, the Laboratory Center has real-time access to more than 6000 traffic monitoring data and has developed multiple application system platforms for dynamic monitoring and planning management decision support of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Urban Agglomeration and Beijing's work residence, commuting, major activities and hub.

TELCapplied research to deliversolutions and undertake the collaborative construction task of intelligent transportation vehicles and roads in Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and other provinces, carrying out the research needed to realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements related to road maintenance for over 2000 km highway overhaul and maintenance project in Beijing.