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Bachelor of Urban and Rural Planning

Urban and Rural Plannin

We provide students with a strong foundation of theoretical urban and rural planning and design and practice, social responsibility, team values, innovative thinking, sustainable development concept, and respect for local history and culture. We aim to develop future professionals who can provide urban and rural planning design for professional planning and design institutes, management institutes, research institutes, or conduct related development, management, research. Students are supposed to be the leading figures or core members of the field after 5 years of graduation. They should be able to independently undertake urban and rural planning and design, urban and rural construction and development, urban and rural planning and theoretical research, urban and rural planning management etc. Students are also have chances to work in the field of architecture, landscape architecture and real estate.

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Career paths

Students following this pathway can choose to work in planning and design research institutes, architectural design institutes, urban and rural planning and development management departments, planning and design consulting companies, landscape architecture design companies, and real estate development companies in Beijing or other large and medium-sized cities.