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Civil Engineering(MEng)

The program aims to train high-level applied talents who face the needs of the new era of national strategic development, meet the needs of future social development, and develop all aspects of moral, intellectual, and physical development. These talents have certain humanities and scientific literacy, adapt to the needs of advanced technical and management talents in the field of civil engineering, master the solid basic theory and systematic expertise and professional skills in the field of civil engineering, and have the ability to carry out academic research in the first foreign language. They have the ability to communicate and engage in scientific research in civil engineering disciplines, solve practical engineering problems, and achieve certain innovative results in science or expertise.

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Career Paths

In recent years, the graduates have gone to research institutes, design units, construction units, etc., and been engaged in engineering investment management, planning, design, survey, scientific research as well as the construction technology development, construction management, engineering testing, engineering quality assessment, construction supervision, professional education of engineering, engineering insurance, public utility management etc.