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Transportation Engineering(Ph.D.)

The Doctoral Program of Transportation Engineering is organized by the College of Metropolitan Transportation (CMT). In this program, we cultivate top-notch innovative talents in the fields of urban transportation, road engineering, transportation information and control, freight traffic, and rail engineering. We nurture good professional ethics, rigorous and down-to-earth work style. Students trained in this program are supposed to master a solid and broad theoretical foundation together with a systematic in-depth expertise of the transportation engineering discipline. Moreover, the students will gain the ability to engage in scientific research independently, to achieve innovative results in science or expertise, and to conduct international academic exchanges with an international perspective.

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Career Paths

Students trained in this program have opportunities to work in the government organizations such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Construction, related research institutes, universities, R&D centers of big enterprises. They could have a professional career regarding with conducting cutting-edge scientific research, making technical breakthroughs or develop products for transportation engineering, railway engineering, transportation, and intelligent transportation.