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Hydraulic Engineering(MEng)

This discipline cultivates students who have rigorous attitudes and practical minds for studying, positive moral characters, strong knowledge foundation, overall competency, physical and mental health and strong practice ability. We aim to develop future high-level applied professionals with certain ability to innovate who may be engaged in the research on new theories, new technologies, new methods, new equipment, new processes, new materials and new management models in fields such as the hydraulic engineering, urban drainage engineering, agricultural water and soil engineering, environmental water conservancy, and hydrogeology. The students are expected to have a strong theoretical foundation and systematic expertise of Hydraulic Engineering and may be engaged in scientific research, engineering design, engineering management and relevant technical works.

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Career Paths

In recent years, students of this pathway are ideally placed to work in colleges and universities, research institutes, enterprises and institutions related to the hydraulic industry as well as the management departments of the government, and have all the career choices as described for hydrology and water resources, hydraulics and river dynamics, hydraulic structure engineering, hydraulic and hydropower engineering and other related works.